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Title Business Intelligence Developer
Categories Marketing
Location Mission, KS
Job Information

This position is a business intelligence analyst/developer role reporting directly to the Marketing Director. Day to day work will include report writing, MS SQL database querying, and data analysis. The Marketing Department is an energetic, fast-paced environment seeking dedicated, self-starting employees.


The primary focus of the marketing department is to reach customers more efficiently. This can be achieved by reaching more of the same customers, tapping a more responsive pool of potential customers, or improving the customer experience. You will have the freedom to investigate what works and what doesn’t and then suggest alternatives. Analyzing past performance to uncover nuggets of opportunity is pivotal. The department is open how this is accomplished and the tools used are up to you. Skill with Excel is critical so that results can be transmitted and consumed by business users.


Create reports using SSRS/Report Builder and Excel. The reports range in complexity from the very basic to in depth dashboards with multiple visualizations. How to accomplish the report is up to the developer. You will be responsible for gathering the business requirements, creating the datasets, writing the reports, and then validating the reports’ functionality and accuracy.

  • SQL Server 2012+ experience required
  • Proficient in Excel (Pivot tables, IF statements, aggregation, VLOOKUP or INDEX MATCH)
  • Some data reporting experience. SSRS experience is a plus, but candidates with experience in similar platforms will also be considered.
  • Familiarity with basic statistical concepts and testing.
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Title Customer Acquisition Coordinator
Categories Marketing
Location Mission, KS
Job Information

Job Summary

The Customer Acquisition Coordinator is responsible for overseeing all direct customer acquisition strategies. This includes overseeing creation, delivery and analysis of email, direct mail and SMS campaigns. This role is also responsible for evaluating the performance and optimization of every customer acquisition marketing campaign. This position will also evaluate the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) of customers going through the conversion process. The Acquisition Coordinator will work closely with the Customer Retention Coordinator to ensure all touchpoints during the acquisition process work to establish long term customer relationships. Perform other assignments as required.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

Manage and analyze customer acquisition marketing campaigns through coordination of agencies.

Regularly meet with outside marketing agencies to evaluate past campaign performance and plan future campaigns.

Evaluate web properties, transactional emails, customer service phone calls and other customer touch points with a focus on lead conversion.

Assess and optimize existing UI/UX interactions in association with the Customer Retention Coordinator.

Create and execute website A/B and multivariate testing in association with the Affiliate Marketing Team and Customer Retention Coordinator.

Assure the quality of all delivered marketing collateral.

Education and/or Experience

Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university in business or related field; or one to three years related experience and/or training in a similar position; or equivalent combination of education and experience.


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